All About Smartphones: Apple to Release Less Expensive iPhones Soon

Monday, July 1, 2013

Apple to Release Less Expensive iPhones Soon

Apple is set to release the low budget iPhones soon. You would recall that Apple have been thinking about meeting some target markets lately especially in places like India where there are a lot of people with lower income compared with those with higher incomes.

The rumor that Apple would release low budget phones for these markets are already laid to rest and its seems like soon, it would be a reality. This we gathered from the Chinese tech blog Lieyunwang.

What would these low budgets iPhones look like?

Well, from the images above, we know that they won't have the usual metal build however they would have a plastic casing.

Also, it would be an all flat design much like the iPhone 5 and of course would be able to do all that a normal metal design iPhone can do.

It would come in various colours like Red, Yellow, Blue etc.

While some might be thrilled that Apple is making phones that would suit their pockets, it may turn out that these sets of iPhones won't be even as cheap as some would have expected.

Furthermore, Having an iPhone in plastic may not be something that some Apple fans would appreciate and therefore may have its own new kind of target audience.

Any which way, an iPhone is an iPhone and would function as one without any limitation

For now, we don't have an exact date on when it would be launching, however, there is a possibility of it coming out this fall.

IMAGE SOURCE: iDownloadblog

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