All About Smartphones: Chromium Bases Opera Browser Finally Released

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chromium Bases Opera Browser Finally Released

A chromium based Opera browser is finally released.
A lot of people are already familiar with the mobile version of Opera browser which compresses page thereby reducing data usage when surfing the web and yet offering excellent web rendering. However, not so many use the desktop version of the browser as many have turned to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

This latest Opera browser uses a state of the art engine to render pages faster and efficiently without compromising quality. This engine is called Chrome and this is the first time its being used in Opera browser as opposed to the classic Presto engine that had been in use for a while.

Today, the company have released the Chromium based Opera browser for both Mac and Windows computer with lots of features to make you want to stick with the browser for life.

These added features include:
  • Refreshed Speed Dial homepage with the ability to create folders and more. 
  • A new ‘Stash’ feature lets you collect snapshots of saved webpages in one place and go back and reference them if needed. 
  • New Discover feature automatically shows you the top articles from locations and categories you choose. 
  • Finally, Opera says that the browser should perform better on slow connections thanks to the new ‘Off-road’ mode
 Opera is definitely in to win some users away from other browsers to itself and its a good thing that the browser is getting better.

Opera mini is free to download and you can get it from this link

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