All About Smartphones: Finally BlackBerry For Android Gets a Released Date

Friday, July 19, 2013

Finally BlackBerry For Android Gets a Released Date

Since the day that CEO of BlackBerry announced that BBM for android and iOS Would be available, the anticipation to have the app running on said devices have grown strongly.

This was made even more obvious when a fake BBM app was released on the Google play store with  100,000 downloads within minutes.

In an interview yesterday,  one of Blackberry official spoke:  Sunil Lalvani, managing director for BlackBerry India, apparently confirmed in an interview with IBN Live that BlackBerry Messenger will launch in the next two months. 

When  asked of the release date he said that BBM for Android would be ready before the end of summer which is before the end of September.

This he said affirming strongly that Blackberry intends to release first for the Android platform and then later for iOS.

This means that our wait time is almost over and we soon have the BBM for android in our hands in less than two months.

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