All About Smartphones: Google Releases Android Distribution For July

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Google Releases Android Distribution For July

As part of Google's efforts to notify the public about how strong her operating system is gaining grounds especially regarding latest Android version Jelly Bean, the Mountain View company released the distribution of various Android versions running on various devices for the month of July. 

From the table above, you will notice that Jelly Bean is now 37.9% compared to 33% it was last month.
Also, Gingerbread has dropped from 36.5% to 34.1%.
Ice Cream Sandwich fell from 25.6% to 23.3%. Froyo which was formally 3.2% last month is now at 3.1%.
Furthermore, Eclair has fallen to 1.4% from 1.5% and finally, Honeycomb and Donut are now at 0.1%.

What does this suggest? An increase of 1.15 from June to July for Jelly Bean is good and shows that there is significant improvement in the number of devices on the latest version of Android.

What these immediately translate to is that more devices are more capable in terms of hardware, more developers would be happy to code without having to worry about the population of users that would be able to use softwares that are made for latest Android version.

In couple of month to come, it would be possible to assume that Jelly Bean distribution would be well over 70%

These information is usually collected by Google based on the devices that logs into its servers and computed. While it may  not be totally give a holistic picture, the picture we see now is prove of growth in the adoption rate of Android Jelly Bean
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