All About Smartphones: iOS 7 beta 2 Jailbreak Achieved

Monday, July 1, 2013

iOS 7 beta 2 Jailbreak Achieved

iOS 7 beta 2 Jailbreak have been achieved. Ryan Petrich posted a picture of a jailbroken iPod touch running iOS 7 beta 2 yesterday. 

Although there's no much word on how he achieved this even before it was officially released but we think that the code or exploits used might have been from Joshua Hill aka @posixninja who tweeted that he would be releasing the next jailbreak all on his own but saving it for when iOS 7 would finally be released. 


Also,  last week we told you that this same guy Joshua Hill, tweeted that he has something bigger than jailbreak and would be released soon.What is it that is bigger than  jailbreak?
Well yesterday, that thing was revealed which you would find out below.

The next big thing bigger than jailbreak is what Joshua Hill calls the openjailbreak.
While shedding light on the term "openjailbreak",  @posixninja says it wants to bring together all his fragmented codes and exploits into one place where it can be further developed and patched by other talented hackers like him.
Consequently, he's opening up a website where all these codes will reside and managed by him and his team.

He also shows his dislike for Redsn0w, Sn0wbreeze, iOS 6.1.3 and wants to move away from  such style.

Surely this guy is talented and we are sure he has even more pretty big things up his sleeves.
Stay tuned and glued to this website as we bring you true and concise information that you need, especially when iOS 7 jailbreak finally gets released. 

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