All About Smartphones: Skype Celebrates 100M Skype Installation With New Skype Update

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Skype Celebrates 100M Skype Installation With New Skype Update


Skype installation on android devices have passed the 100 million mark.
Skype have seen its share of success since it debut on smartphones and yesterday that growth becomes evident even on the Android platform as 100 million Android devices have Skype installed on them.

In return for this landmark, Skype have decided to push out an update that adds a totally new and revamped User Interface (UI) to its VoIP application for Android devices.

The new update which is version 4.0 add a one-touch navigation method to the various menus.
This enables do user to move from one menu to another by just one touch gesture. For example, clicking on a user's image bring out the calling function, which also gives you the ability to just send a message or another tap to activate the video calling menu. All these done by a single tap and presented in one interface.

While the UI is sleek and nice, some basic and already familiar functionalities are missing which is currently making some users  not interested in keeping the update on their devices.

One of the complains is the inability to set the "Away/Busy" status and the only options available is "Available/Invisible" which is also hidden deep down in the users account option.

Another problem is the inability to quickly sign out of the app if need be.

These missing features couples with push notifications not being present which are quite essential but not present in the new update and are already generating dislike for the new update.

While the new UI is good and flow at least well to an extent, it seemed as though the entire app was done in a rush thereby sacrificing usefulness and functionality for UI.

Skype should quickly fix this anomaly so that users can be happy again and the 100M celebration won't be a problem instead of otherwise. 

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