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Monday, July 8, 2013

Tecno Mobile Running After Samsung

It is no news by now the grip that Tecno - Mobile have on the Nigerian smartphone market.
While many may think that Tecno isn't pulling weight yet,  you would be surprised by how much other vendors see them as a threat especially Samsung and  Nokia

Of course,  Tecno was once after Nokia's fans which they have won a large portion already,  but what they are now after is Samsung's fans.

While Samsung is highly rated and have good followers, Samsung recognize the threat that Tecno poses and are actively taking steps to combat Tecno especially with the release of their Samsung Mega, Grand and some other highly but very affordable devices being launched.
Apparently, the war is now on and its between Tecno and Samsung.

While Tecno is leveraging on Android operating system, good and affordable devices with a little above average build (Tecno F7)  which is what is attracting customers, Samsung is leveraging on its name, reputation and high end devices with huge specifications. Samsung have started actively making such moves on price and affordability of device too. 


Although, Samsung still has the upper hand in terms of devices,  apps,  specifications and loyal followers, it won't be surprising to see the field level up between Samsung and Tecno in the near future in Nigeria.

The question is How Near is this "Near Future"?

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