All About Smartphones: Tecno Phantom N9 Pad versus Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Tecno Phantom N9 Pad versus Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100

For a while now,  we have been given your info on the Tecno Phantom N9 Pad that was released early this month. Also we have had enough time to try out this device which is why we are comparing it with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7.0, P3100.

Below we present you with what we can immediately infer and some other things that takes more familiarity before decisions can be completely made.

Here we would refer to Tecno Phantom N9 Pad as N9 and Samsung Galaxy tab 2 7.0 as Tab 2.

Operating System
Both devices are running Android OS. However, N9 is equipped with the more recent Jelly Bean 4.2.2 while Tab 2 comes with Ice cream Sandwich 4.0 and can be upgraded to 4.1.1.
Of course this isn't surprising since the Tab 2 was released April 2012 and the N9 July 2013.
This places the N9 in a better position compared to the Tab 2.

Both devices are equipped with 2G/3G network and have the capacity to make and receive calls and also browse the Internet with the both network technology.
Also, they both  use mini SIM.

Dimensions and Weight
In terms of dimensions, N9 has a weight of 352g and dimensions of 204*154*9.9mm while the Tab 2 weighs 345g with dimensions of 193.7*122.4*10.5mm. Even though the N9 dimensions are larger yet its slimmer than the Tab 2.

Both devices have a capacity Touch screen and are both multi touch.
N9 has a display resolution of 768 x 1024 while the Tab 2 is 600 x 1024. This means that the N9 is of course better with displaying images on screen.

N9 comes with an internal memory of 16GB with a micro SD slot that can support up to 32GB.
Tab 2 on the other hand have 3 variants which varying internal memory storage of 8,16 & 32gb with a micro SD slot.
Regarding RAM, they both have a 1GB RAM to cater for applications.

Both devices have GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, A-GPS, and micro USB connectivity options. In addition, both devices have WiFi, WiFi hotspot, WiFi direct, and dual band features.

N9 comes equipped with a 1.2 GHz quad core processor for increased processing speed,  while Tab 2 is equipped with a dual core 1.0GHz processor which PowerVR SGX540 GPU.

N9 comes with a 5mp rear camera and a 2.0mp front facing camera without flash.  However,  the Tab 2 comes with a 3.15mp rear camera and a VGA front facing camera.
Both devices are packed with enough juice to keep them running. However with the N9 boasting a 4500mAh battery, the Tab 2 is only boasting of 4500mAh battery power.
This means that the N9 would last longer which is what we observed when trying it out.

The N9 Pad cost just N35,000 with a flip case to follow while the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 cost a whopping N52,000 without a flip case.

Things like FM Radio, are both missing from the two devices.  However,  Accelerometer, gyro-meter and proximity sensor are equipped on both devices.  Also they are capable of HTML 5 and Flash.
Also,  image editor works great on both devices and document management is also exceptional.

Considering the various headings,  you will notice that the N9 comes out top on most features especially in the battery,  Resolution, camera and price.
Therefore it is easy to say that the Tecno Phantom N9 Pad beats the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 device.


  1. Thanks for the enlightment sir, but do u think one can not be a victim of buying a fake N9? Where can it be bought correctly sir?

  2. Divine Anyi Communications, Zeenco Plaza, computer village, Ikeja, Lagos.

  3. Sorry, but the N9 has got an FM radio but it is missing a proximity sensor. Glaring errors.

    1. Thanks chief. I will make the correction.

  4. Below we present you with what we can immediately infer and some other things that takes more familiarity before decisions can be completely made.galaxy tab 2 flip


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