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Monday, July 29, 2013

Tecno Smartphone Naming System

It is not news any longer on how well Tecno phones are faring in the Nigerian market. 
One of the things that have helped in securing a strong footing is the price tag and of course the hard work of the marketing department.

One thing that have come to my notice is the naming system of their devices that Tecno is employing.

As of today, we know that Tecno now has High, Medium and Low end devices and have been clasified in a way that is easily placed by using numbers.

The classes of Tecno devices for now include the 7, 1 & 5, 3, and 9.

Class 7 : High End
This represents high end devices in the smartphone category. This we saw when Tecno N7 and F7 were released earlier this year. These devices were highly successful in market sales and were most expensive, with the N7 selling between 29 - 30,000 Naira, while the newest Tecno Phantom F7 is being sold for 34 - 36,000 Naira.

Class 1 & Class 5: Medium End
This class represents the medium end smartphone category. Even though touch screen is the order of the day now, some people still love their devices to have physical keyboards and I strongly believe that Tecno intends to keep devices in this category to have both physical keyboards and touchscreens. This you would notice in the Q1 and D5 smartphones. Example is in the Q1 smartphone with physical keyboard and Tecno D5 with just touchscreen design. 
Both devices are meant to serve the medium end market to meet both the physical keyboard persons and those that want full touchscreen devices.

Class 3: Low End
This class was the entry level smartphone that Tecno released into the market. It was widely accepted due to its pricing. Of course, its a low end device that is suppose to appeal to those with little budget. Examples are Tecno N3 andP.

Class 9
This is quite new and was debut by the first tablet released last month by Tecno. This tablet was called the Phantom N9 Pad. Its a 8" Pad with quad core processor running inside.
Going by the price of this pad, its around the high end range and there is possibility of another Pad coming out soon maybe to called F9 and would improve on the specs of the N9 Pad.

Whether this naming and categorizing system by Tecno as deduced by me is true or not, future product release would be the deciding factor.
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