All About Smartphones: Gallery Review of Tecno Phantom N9 Pad

Friday, July 12, 2013

Gallery Review of Tecno Phantom N9 Pad

As you all know by now, Tecno Phantom N9 Pad is out and is making sales everyday due to its budget pricing and its nice and sleek build.
Usually tablets don't come with a case, but this N9 comes with a case which is quite fascinating especially with N35000 price tag. 

It is also saddled with 16GB internal storage space with extra 16GB MicroSD card!

For a close quick peek to the specifications of this device for those that don't know, you could use this link

Am sure not everyone have got the opportunity to see this device in operation. Therefore, I decided to make a video review of this Phantom N9 tablet in operation.

I don't know about other vendors or sellers but if you call 08060791362 you would get more info. Better still you can visit the Tecno distributor store at 16/17 Zenco Plaza, Ola - Ayeni str, computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.


  1. How long does it take the tablet to charge?
    Does it work normally if charging?
    How long does it last if used for the day?

    1. Once I have sampled the tablet very well, I will do a Hands-on review that will capture your questions.

      However, based on the small time I spent with it, it charges full after 1hr without use. Also, it works normally while charging.

      As per how long it last, I don't really know yet. 4500mAh should last a whole day or more on medium usage.

  2. This is simply the best of Tecno. Thumbs up. However, a video review will not be a bad idea.


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