All About Smartphones: BBM For Android Real Images Released

Thursday, August 1, 2013

BBM For Android Real Images Released

The fuss about Blackberry Messenger (BBM) coming to Android and iPhone is a very interesting one. As we stated in one of our posts, BBM for Android and iOS is expected to be released before September ending.

Already, real image of BBM for Android only have surfaced, which we saw at BGR website, and this we present to you below.

Although we believe that BBM for other platforms should have been available long before now, yet, better late than ever.

The real question is, will BBM for Android and iOS kill the strong hold that Whatsapp already have on these platforms? If you think so, drop your comments. However, Lets wait and see how things unfold  in the coming weeks.  Till then, stay glued to this blog site and follow us on Twitter and Facebook to be among the first the get it before your other friends...bragging rights of at least 10 seconds is still bragging.

Image Source: BGR, BBOS

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