All About Smartphones: iPhone 5S and 5C Arrival Date

Friday, August 23, 2013

iPhone 5S and 5C Arrival Date

There had been a long break since Apple released a flag ship smartphone but that is about to change in few days when Apple shall unveil iPhone 5S and 5C to the world come September 10th.

iPhone 5S iPhone 5C Arriving On September 20 In Japan

Well, once its unveiled, it would start shipping as fast as possible. 

Japan for example would be seeing both iPhones released to their market by September 20th. The US would of course see it by September 10th and other parts of Europe would see it by September 15th being sold.

Chine  on the other hand won't see the iPhone 5S and 5C being retailed until end of November following some issues with the device meeting some requirements.

The Android scene had seen countless release of devices during the space that Apple had not release any new phone and it seems as though Android is the king but once Apple make a release come September, be sure to see the stores flooded and charts bursting out of range as a result of Apple new products.

Well, as every other Apple fan, we can't wait to see the iPhone 5S and 5C unveiled and we shall be here to give you a hands on review.
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