All About Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Unveiling

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Unveiling

At a time, technology focus was on cars, later on Screens, Computers and software and hardware. 

Now, technology focus have shifted towards phones; producing phones that are very powerful and making life easier. 

However, there's a new focus in town now and it's rapidly gaining momentum.

This new technology focus is on wrist watch, which would later probably be called Smart-watch and would be in wearable gadget department.

It is not as though, there had not being wristwatches that connects with phones of some sort, but this time around, this wristwatches would have a full OS running on them, mic and Bluetooth capability embedded in them etc. 

With this, one can receive calls from the watch, listen to music, check notifications and so on. This will obviously transform it to a smarter wristwatch.

When Apple starts working on a technology, other competing rivals start working on that same technology. Since the day Apple hinted at making a smart watch, other companies like Google, Microsoft, Sony have decided to follow suit.

The latest company to step forward in announcing a Smartwatch is Samsung.

Samsung have sent out invitations for an Unpacked Event slated for September 4th to showcase its Smartwatch known as the Galaxy Gear.

Galaxy Gear would probably be powered with an Android operating system and would have seamless connection with Samsung Smartphones.

Of course, since Apple have decided on a project like this, Samsung have to do the same so as not to leave its customers jealous of Apple iWatch when it does finally become a reality.

Well, by September 4th, we will see what Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch has to offer . 

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