All About Smartphones: 5 Ways To Sell Your Phone For a New Latest Phone

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

5 Ways To Sell Your Phone For a New Latest Phone

New phones and devices are constantly released to consumers in a fast way so much that its so difficult to keep up. How do one make sure that he  gets the latest device as its being released on hand?
well, there is a way to achieve that without hurting the pocket deeply, and that way is to constantly sell your device, add a few bucks and you are set to buy a new device. However, the problem is finding a buyer and this where this post becomes useful.

eBay is very popular for its auction prowess and everyone knows it. Here you can put up your phone for sale by registering with eBay and then get a good image of your phone and place the advert. Since eBay is seen by millions of people, you should get a quick offer and therefore sell your phone.

However, you have to be very careful of fake people that may want to scam you of your device so you are advised to only sell to people with good rating and have joined eBay long enough.

Well, this is even a better option for the Nigerian guys who want to sell their phones but can't go through eBay due to limitations.

DealDey is a perfect place to sell your phones. Like eBay, you need to signup and then place a good image of your marchandise on the DealDey webpage with the price and due date. Make sure your price is affordable so that you can quickly get a buyer. You may be surprised that in matters of days, your buyer would come and you will just add few bucks so that you can buy that dream phone.

3. Amazon
As at this writing, Amazon is doing a trade - in program for those willing to sell their Phone for a fee.

Its a good way to get rid of that phone so that you can get yourself a new one that would increase your bragging right.
Check out the link provided and see how your wish could be a reality

Yes, nairaland is a good place to auction your phone. You would be surprised at the good deals you would get from selling your phone in Nairaland. This is especially useful to my Nigerian peeps that want to quickly sell their phone to get a new one. 

One great thing about selling through nairaland is that you are not paying anyone any commission. Its totally a direct marketing of your phone. All you need do is go to the appropriate forum and announce your intention to see your phone, put all the features and specs and you should get a buyer in no time.

5. Finally, Facebook is the place to get anyone's attention just buy displaying an image of your device. You can also sell anything here. 

You can either do a paid advertising or just upload your phone's image and put the details there. Of course people would see it and would attract buyers from every angle.

That is is folks, 5 ways to sell your phone for a new one buy adding small cash to it. Definitely, this would ease the pocket and everyone is happy.

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