All About Smartphones: Apple's iMessage App For Android Surfaces On Play Store

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Apple's iMessage App For Android Surfaces On Play Store

Apple's iMessage messaging service just got spotted on Google Play Store and its available for download for Android devices.

Like the name suggest, it allows you to send iMessages to not only Apple devices but also to other Android users that have the app installed.

This is actually surprising seeing that the app had been in the store since September 12th according to the information on Google Play Store. Not only that, there are reviews being written which suggests that the app is performing as intended.

Jay Freeman, creator of Cydia, a popular Hacker and Developer on the iOS platform has this to say

"as far as I can tell the way it works is that the client does directly connect to Apple, but the data is all processed on the developer's server in China. This not only means that Apple can't just block them by IP address, but also that they get to keep the "secret sauce" on their servers (and potentially just run Apple code: there are some parts of the process in Apple's client code that is highly obfuscated).

Every packet from Apple is forwarded to, which then sends back exactly what data to send to Apple (along with extra packets that I presume tell the client what's happening so it can update its UI). Likewise, if the client wants to send a message, it first talks to the third-party server, which returns what needs to be sent to Apple. The data is re-encrypted as part of this process, but its size is deterministically unaffected"

For now, some iPhone users are pissed and are wondering if there would be any law suit from Apple to the developer of the said app for using not only the name "iMessage" but the logo or to Google for permitting such app in the Play Store.

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