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Monday, September 16, 2013

BBM for Android and iPhone Wrong Assumptions

What we do know is that BBM will become available for Android devices and iPhone come September,  in fact it's in matter of days. 

Sequel to this, many wrong assumptions have been made regarding BBM for Android and iPhone and we are here to state the facts and dispel these wrong assumptions.

1. Some folks believe that BBM for Android will be released to Samsung Android devices first and later to other Android smartphones in days to follow. This assumption above is totally false. 
BBM for Android will be released to Google Play Store and available for download to all compatible Android devices at the same time.

2. I have also read and heard comments of guys saying BBM will be available for $0.99 at the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This is totally false. No such announcement from BlackBerry.
According to BlackBerry, BBM for Android and iPhone would be available free of charge at the respective app stores.

3. Yet another fallacy is that BBM for Android and iPhone will be available on all types of Android devices and iPhone. 
This is not true.  It will only be available to Android devices running Android 4.0 and above and iPhone running iOS 6.0 and above.  Any Android or iPhone running anything lower is not eligible for BBM.

4. This particular assumption is not cool at all.  It was once said that BBM for Android and iPhone will require BIS subscription just like that of BBOS 7. This is not true.  
BBM for Android and iPhone will not require BIS subscription. It only require that you have an active Internet access on your device. 
This makes sense since BBM for BlackBerry 10 devices don't require a dedicated BIS subscription; just Internet access.

5. Finally, it has being said by some group of people that BBM for Android and iPhone will also be available for Windows Phone like the Nokia Lumia. This is a fallacy and it's totally false. 
BlackBerry hasn't said or implied anything to suggest that BBM will also be available to Windows Phone users and do not have any immediate plans to release one after it releases for Android and iOS devices.

In conclusion, it is normal to have assumptions regarding BBM for Android and iPhone, however,  there are some assumptions that are clearly wrong. I hope this article will address which wrong assumptions you might have conceived.

In matter of days,  BBM will launch for these two most popular mobile operating system, Android and iOS, and will can start using it. 
Already, an event has been slated for Wednesday 18th 2013 by BlackBerry which only means that BBM for Android and iPhone is closer to release than ever considering the leaked BBM apk hours ago.

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