All About Smartphones: BBM For iPhone Still Awaiting Approval From Apple

Friday, September 6, 2013

BBM For iPhone Still Awaiting Approval From Apple

While there is a rumor in the air that BlackBerry would be releasing BBM for Android and iPhone for September 21st, some situations may delay the release of BBM for iPhone by one or two weeks after it gets released to Android device users.

BlackBerry submitted BBM for iPhone to Apple two weeks ago but its still awaiting App Store approval according to Alex Kinsella, Senior Strategic Account Manager at BlackBerry seen from his tweet below.

Usually, the average approval time for  most apps submitted to App Store is about 4 days according to Shiny Development tracker.
Consequently, this delay of BBM for iPhone by Apple raises a little concern, one that needs to be quickly addressed so that Apple fans can get BBM on their devices just like their Android counterpart.

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