All About Smartphones: He Proposed To Her With a 24K Gold iPhone 5S

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

He Proposed To Her With a 24K Gold iPhone 5S

They say money is good but huge money is better. Those with huge money sometimes use it to oppress those that less money.

One of the show of affluence and riches is the buying of this new limited edition 24K Gold iPhone 5S that was crafted by the guys at the world famous Gold & Co London who are well known for taking time to transform finest technology devices into extremely pricey products that will scare the low income earner far away.

These guys made three versions of the gold plated iPhone 5S which are 24 karat gold, Rose gold and Platinum versions.

Now imagine someone walks up to a lady and proposed to her with this 24k gold iPhone 5S instead of a ring,  would she say "no"? I doubt but i see the media saying he proposed to her with a 24k gold iPhone 5S. Linda Ikeji would be happy in this regard.

If you need this extremely perfected and expensive gold iPhone all you need to do is visit one of their outlets and make a pre-order but budget at least $6000.

Bragging rights doesn't come cheap and oppressing other iPhone 5S users with the usual aluminium material with a 24k gold iPhone 5S comes at a price. Of course the build will be extremely superior to the regular iPhone 5S. 

More luxury items would be exposed at the World Luxury expo and you can make your way there to see even more exquisite designs.

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