All About Smartphones: How To Swap Your Old Nokia Phone For A Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How To Swap Your Old Nokia Phone For A Nokia Lumia 520 Smartphone

Christmas just came early this year for my Nigerian peeps, thanks to the partnership between Nokia and Airtel.

Nokia and Airtel partnership have given birth to a wonderful program that bring good news to interested people. The news is that you can swap any of your old functioning Nokia phone for a new Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone which is currently selling for N28,000.
For example, bring a good functioning Nokia 3310 and collect a new Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone. 

How does it work? Well, the process if pretty simple.

1.  All you have to do is take your good functioning old Nokia phone of any kind to any Airtel outlet nationwide, 

2. Drop N23,990 

3. Collect a brand new Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone. 

More Goodies
What is even more sweet about this offer is that you can swap as many old Nokia phones for equal amount of Nokia Lumia 520 smartphones.

Icing on The Cake
Like icing on a cake to give more flavour, so also Airtel have decided to throw in more goodies to those that would swap their old phone for the Nokia Lumia 520 as detailed below.

After swapping, you are entitled to N10,000 worth of gift. This gift is broken down to 3 parts.

First, a N4000 discount on the Lumia 520 smartphone itself. 

Secondly, N3000 worth of calling credit will be credited to your line so that you can make enough voice calls with your new Nokia Lumia 520 for the next 6 months. 

Finally, N3000 worth of Internet data would be given to you so that you can surf the Internet non-stop for 6 months. 

According to the Chief Sales Officer for Airtel Nigeria, Inusa Bello, this "initiative is another first by any Telecoms operator in Nigeria".

Boxing Day After Christmas
After successfully receiving your new Nokia Lumia 520, you are to send some messages to Airtel to activate your free data and credit. This is detailed below.

1. Text SMART to 141 to activate the free 500mb for 6 months. A Recharge of N1000 minimum is needed to activate the package. 

2. Text UPGRADE to 141 to activate the free N3000 worth of airtime for 6 months

3.  The Nokia Lumia 520 smartphone MUST be activated with an Airtel SIM card. 

In summary, if you had been wishing to get rid of that old Nokia phone for a new Nokia Lumia smartphone, now is your time using this Airtel - Nokia phone swap program. 

Old BlackBerry to New BlackBerry 10 swap coming soon to Nigeria. 

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  1. Infinix X530 or Race Max Q is it thesame tin or different name

  2. Its the same thing. For example Infinix Alpha is also X570. All infinix products have a number coding system name. Infinix race bolt is the same as X450

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  4. This is great. wish Airtel does
    this in Ghana too.


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