All About Smartphones: iOS 7 Release Time For Your Location

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

iOS 7 Release Time For Your Location

Today by 10am Cupertino time, iOS 7 will  be officially released globally either for good or bad; which ever way, a lot of downloads are expected.

If you are interested in knowing the exact time 10am Cupertino time falls on your watch knowing that there would be time difference worldwide, all you need do is follow these easy steps.

1. Click on Clock on your iPhone 

2. Click on World Clock in the menu below.

3. Current Cupertino time will be listed, click on the + sign at the top-right corner as seem in the image above. 

4. Look for your city and country and select it

5. Immediately, the corresponding time in your country is displayed

6. Do the time difference maths.That would give you time difference. In my case am 8hrs ahead, so 10am means 6pm on my watch.

7. Set your alarm and wait for the official release.

For those without an iDevice, the image below should give you what you looking for if your country is listed. 

If your location is not listed, PDT to GMT is about 6hrs difference then you can calculate using GMT which is standard globally
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