All About Smartphones: Main Reason Why BBM Release Was Paused

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Main Reason Why BBM Release Was Paused

As soon as my friend like other 1.1 million people loaded BBM for Android on his Android phone, he knew it was what he wanted and not Whatsapp. He was able to ping his other phone for about 5 minutes before it stopped working. It was the leaked version after all and that has caused troubles for BlackBerry and consequently no BBM for Android yet.

Their is a New update from the BlackBerry company  talking about the release of BBM for both android and iPhone. They said that on the day of the release their was an older version of BBM for andriod that was released on the same day that the BBM should have been officially released and that older version had caused an overload on the system that eventually made them to pause BBM for both iPhone and android. 

Andrew Bocking said in a statement that 'this "fixing"will take time and I don't anticipate launching this week' sorry guys but it looks your gonna have to wait'.

According to Andrew, the problem caused by these older version of BBM is more than the public think.

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