All About Smartphones: Samsung Will Be The First To Release Curved Displays

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Samsung Will Be The First To Release Curved Displays

Samsung is gearing up to be the first to release a curved display for smartphones come October this year. 
This plan was initially revealed in Seoul during the launch of Galaxy Note 3 and it does seem that its going to materialize sooner than expected.

Although, Samsung is not the only company looking into releasing curve display technology, LG which is a long time rival of Samsung also have plans to mass produce both curve and flexible displays for smartphones by the end of 2013.

It is important not to confuse curve screen with flexible screen which Nokia showed a year ago in the Nokia Kinetic programme.

What we do know is  that curved displays will debut on Samsung devices next month but flexible displays are not expected anytime soon.

In the meanwhile, you can smile at the revealing of Samsung's gold S4 (pictured above) that is ready for purchase soon which is definitely a reply to Apple's gold iPhone 5S.

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