All About Smartphones: New 5.7in Tecno A2 aka Phantom F8: Pros and Cons

Sunday, September 8, 2013

New 5.7in Tecno A2 aka Phantom F8: Pros and Cons

First of all, I am disappointed at the latest phone or phablet  unveiled by Tecno, called The Tecno A2 aka Phantom F8.

Is this a new line of smartphone? Perhaps it is considering the screen size of the device which is 5.7in almost 6 inches. Devices having this screen size are usually referred to as Phablet. Examples are Samsung Galaxy Note

Perhaps you might ask why I believe that this new smartphone is a disappointment, I will like to present you with its features and specifications.


Operating System: Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Processor: MT6589 quad core 1.2GHz processor with embedded GPU

RAM: 1GB with 4GB internal memory with expandable MicroSD slot to 32GB

Camera: 13 mega pixel back camera and 8 mega pixel front camera. It also has a flash light for taking pictures in low light situation.Video recording capability and image size 720 x 1280.

Display: screen size is 5.7 inch with 720 x 1280 resolution. This means a HD screen but not Gorilla display.

Connectivity: WiFi and WiFi Hotspot, coupled with Bluetooth 3.0, GPS navigation, USB port and 3.5mm earphone port.

Sensors: This device is embedded with G sensor, Light sensor and proximity sensor.

Network: 3.75G/3G/2G with bands GSM900/1800MHz/WCDMA2100MHz. Dual SIM standby with SIM 1 capable of 3G/2G data connectivity while the SIM 2 can only transfer data in 2G band.

Battery capacity: battery is 2630mAh capable of giving 17.3hrs of talk time and 280hrs of standby time.

Other features: FM Radio, Voice recording, eBook reader, supports popular audio, picture and video format by default.
Size: 106 x 82 x 8.9 mm and available in black and white build.

In The Box: 
You get an earpiece, a USB cord, a 2-pin plug to charge. NO Power Bank this time around, however you get a stylus pen. This Phantom A2 doesn't come with a Power Bank but a stylus pen like the Samsung Galaxy Note series

Now you have seen the specifications and you may begin to understand why I believe that I was disappointed with the specs of the device. This I will point out in pros and cons.

Firstly, the RAM of this device is too low. Most of the devices in this product category which is "phablet" come with a RAM of at least 2GB. Not that there is a correlation between screen and RAM, but it would be good to do things are already becoming the norm.
Why can't Tecno make this device in 2GB. This would even set it apart from the newly released Infinix Alpha aka Ultimate force.

Secondly, the processor frequency is low. Expected processing frequency was 2GHz and at least 1.7GHz, but for a MT6589 processor, we can't expect more. This being said, this device didn't deliver in this department.

Finally, internal memory shouldn't be less than 8GB considering the camera is 13 mega pixel. Enough internal memory should have been provided to accommodate the image size of photos taken. We know most of the times, Tecno's 4GB internal memory dont measure up to 3GB at times.

First, a camera size of 13 mega pixel is good. And its a plus for this device. Furthermore, an operating system (OS) of 4.2 is great.

Another pro is in the ability to expand memory to 32GB which immediately compensate for the 4GB internal memory. That should get things going for a while.

Finally, the resolution isn't too bad but could have been better so as to compensate for the huge screen size.

personally, I will score this device a 6/10 due to the aforementioned cons which are key and germane to a excellent phablet.

Price for this new Tecno device is N42,000 and available at Divine Anyi Communications Ikeja Lagos. Call Admon 08060791362

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  1. This phantom A2 is so substandard for today's mobile market, you are spot on with your review, I'm highly disappointed with tecno, I think that they are taking Nigerians for a ride, this phone is far from a real upgrade over the previous iterations of the phantom line. Tecno should just take a break and release something reasonable next year rather than pulling out this ridiculous devices every two months.

  2. Wow!
    This is a real eye opener, especially for some of us that have not launched out on any Android phone or platform.
    It seems that Tecno made all the phones at once and was launching them out one at a time. With all this been said and the cons mentioned, I think I would like to wait for Tecno to show me what they got in terms of phones for early next year, hope they would fix the bugs, cuz I want to be able to use any Android I get for a while before thinking of any upgrade.

    thanks for the post!

  3. But let's be honest, the craze about Tecno phones have gotten to a fever would be really hard to resist...especially since I heard the Tecno Phantom A2 comes with a stylus...must resist...must resist!!!

  4. How the heck can you expect a 1.7Ghz to 2Ghz CPU when it runs the same Mediatek 6589 that has a max frequency around the 1.2Ghz range? Why do you expect a budget phone to ship with 2GB RAM? What does the screen size have to do with the RAM?

    Why bring up Gorilla Glass in a discussion about screen resolution? Why complain about the 720p screen in a budget phone? You seriously expected 1080p? Powered by a 6589?
    Why make that comment about the internal storage in relation to the camera megapixel specs when the device has a microSD slot where it's expected most pictures will be stored?

    For someone who writes about phones, you are surprisingly ignorant.

    1. It has obviously come to a point where we now expect more from Tecno than giving folks the same product with different screen sizes.

      For a start, I don't expect the embedded processor to operate above its capacity. However, a processor of higher operating capacity could have been used so as to achieve higher processing frequencies.

      Secondly, there are many budget phones in that price range with 2gb ram so get your facts right. An example is infinix alpha marvel. And why do you believe its a budget phone by the way? Its suppose to be their high-end device.

      Furthermore, there's no direct relation between ram and screen size in the article. I only pointed out that most devices in the phablet range. (That is, screen size of 5.7 and above) all have ram close to 2gb if not above.

      Regarding resolution, i dont expect 1080p as you pointed out. If you check the pro section you will see that i think the resolution is good but can be better and that refers to next iteration of the device. if you aref amiliar with tecno devices you would know that almost non of their devices have a gorrilla screen, by the way,its almost a standard now. A competing device in the name of gionee has one, infinix alpha has one, so why not make the A2 come with one too. That was I try pointing out.

      Am not expecting the resolution to be too grand but its good to put this information forward so that they can start working on devices that will give them better standing where they operate.

      Finally, as regards me being ignorant, I believe everyone has right to his opinions and you have expressed yours, however, I am not ignorant. I know on what context I have made my opinions known and I have communicated that in a manner as simple as possible.

      Thanks for your observation in my opinion, its well noted.


  5. Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)


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