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Thursday, October 24, 2013

BBM On Windows Phone

Finally, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is now available for Android and iOS devices as promised by BlackBerry and it works so well and flawless on these devices.

According to BlackBerry, 5 million people downloaded BBM within a space of 8hrs. The question is, what percentage of these people would be dumping their BlackBerry devices for Android or iPhone?

Where does this leave BlackBerry? I believe it will in a way put BlackBerry in a not-so-good condition. BBM is a highly anticipated and revered messaging app and its not surprising to see the massive download rate by Android and iOS device users.

If people, are dumping BlackBerry devices which already has BBM for Android and iPhone, how much more will Windows Phone device purchase take a hit? The effect would be felt  by Windows Phone manufacturers due to the fact that there's no BBM available for WP devices (e.g Nokia Lumia phones, HTC and Samsung phones with Windows OS) and people buy smartphones for the apps it supports.

Ultimately, people would go for Android  and iOS devices so as to keep in touch with their loved ones using BBM.


Windows Phones OS like BlackBerry OS is well built but lacks apps and serious modding which is why sales for the devices running low or not as high as android and iOS devices.

Microsoft has to find a way to work with BlackBerry guys to bring BBM to Windows Phone as soon as possible in other to counter any negative effect it might have on the demand for Windows phones.

However, these are my humble opinions. What are yours?

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  1. Well, windows phone is all that popular among smartphone users. As u implied earlier, android and ios users are still topping the chart and users will only go for devices that supports app that keep them in touch with family and friends. Windows os lacks such. I know Mr. Gates will come up with some IM app of his own. Keep the good work up, Akin.

  2. Good to know that blackberry is expanding or entering the windows platform by providing the messenger service aon the windows phones.

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  3. Still watching coz windows phones are now doin btta u dnt hve tu let thm dwn just like that kp it goin going....

    1. Recent studies shows that the scope of the windows phones are vast but the android phones have been now have less scale of development.

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