All About Smartphones: BlackBerry Have Started Testing BBM For Android Again

Thursday, October 3, 2013

BlackBerry Have Started Testing BBM For Android Again

BlackBerry have started testing a new version of the BBM app for Android. This we noticed in the emails sent to beta testers. 

This version of BBM for Android is more stable, the UI have been redesigned with a new welcome screen explaining the app, notifications is now present, the persistent notification running in the status bar can now optionally be disabled and finally, the UI as a whole has received some more polish.

No potential released date have been communicated to the beta testers or to anyone yet. However, it shows that BlackBerry is still true to its words that it will bring BBM to Android device and iPhone users.

As patience runs dry and people begin to lose interest, BlackBerry should just hurry up.

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  1. I'm also losing interest too, it shouldn't be too late

  2. Have even forgotten about it u just remind me


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