All About Smartphones: Intelligent Lockscreen App For Android Unveiled

Friday, October 25, 2013

Intelligent Lockscreen App For Android Unveiled

A new kind of lockscreen app for Android was just unveiled recently. This app by the name Cover is a lockscreen app but one that is able to learn which app you use most frequently and it will place those apps on your lock screen so that you don't have to unlock your phone, search your home screen for the app before you use. Instead, if Cover notice the app you use frequently, that app is placed on the lock screen.

This means that if you suddenly start using another app more frequently, the lock screen apps will change to reflect it.

Cover automatically recognizes when you’re at home, work, or in the car and learns which apps you use most in each context. So when you’re in the car, maps are right there. At work, your calendar and documents are at your fingertips. You can set a custom ringer volume and wallpaper for each location.

Furthermore, you can peek into an app quickly from the lockscreen. Glancing at your calendar or checking for new social activity has never been easier. Launch apps effortlessly with a swipe.

Finally, do you ALT-TAB between apps on your computer? There hasn't been a way to do that your phone - until now. With Cover's app drawer you can skip the extra steps and jump directly to the app you want.

Cover will only be available for Android devices and it will be on the Play Store for download once available.

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  1. Plz let's know when this becomes available. Thanks

  2. Please that os upgrade for tecno phantom can I get the link thankyou twitter handle @nnabezejames


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