All About Smartphones: iPhone 6 May Have a 5 Inch 1080p HD Display

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

iPhone 6 May Have a 5 Inch 1080p HD Display

Its almost possible not to say that 5 inch display is the standard for most smartphone of this year besides the other various screen size  that Samsung and others have forced on users.

However, it does seem that Apple will join the list of manufacturers having a 5 inch smartphone in their kitty come September 2014.

It has been reported  that Apple is already looking and considering a 5 inch iPhone 6 display that will feature a full 1080p HD property.

Seeing how well videos and games look on 5 inch displays, a good number of Apple fans believe that its time for Apple to step up to the reality and release an iPhone with 5 inch display.
Not only that, resolution had been suggested by folks to be around 1280 x 1080p which comes to around 441p, close to that of HTC One and Samsung S4. 

Although, the likes of Samsung and HTC would have increased the screen resolution of their devices come September to something higher. However, it will still be great to see an Apple device with such screen estate and resolution.

As of this time, Apple hasn't said anything regarding making an iPhone 6 with 5 inch display but there is a possibility considering the increasing demand for larger displays on Apple smartphones.

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