All About Smartphones: Plant versus Zombies Released For Android Finally

Friday, October 11, 2013

Plant versus Zombies Released For Android Finally

For a game like Plant versus Zombies that was a total hit on iOS to not show for Android? That is just rip off. However, the game finally hit the Google Play Store few minutes ago.

For some, its not a worthy game to have on their devices but for some, it is. If you are on of those that have been waiting to play Plants versus Zombies on your Android, well you have the chance to do that now.

Unlike other zombie games, Plants vs Zombies 2 takes you throughout time and doesn’t just keep you in what feels like end days. Gameplay wise, you’ll know the score if you’ve played the original but, there are some tweaks and whatnot to make this a worthy sequel. There are some reports of the game not working on all devices so, if that’s the case for you – leave a comment in the Play Store. That way, PopCap can start fixing things, knowledge is power.

If fans of the series were worried about in-app payments creeping in and ruining things well, depending on how you feel about in-app payments, you were right to worry. The game will frequently ask for money for more plant types and of course, more collections of levels. We can’t blame them wanting to charge for their work – who wouldn’t want to earn money on their hard work – but we still wish that EA would realize people will pay full-price if a game if they have good reason to.

Fans of the series however, will be pleased to note that this is very much like the first game, but more of what you love. It may have taken longer to get to Android than it should have but, it’s finally here and as the title suggests, many gamers will be thinking “it’s about time”. If you’re looking for a simple yet addictive game to play over the weekend then you’re going to love this.

Head over to Google Play Store to get yours

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