All About Smartphones: Whatsapp vs BBM: Which is Better?

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Whatsapp vs BBM: Which is Better?

Finally,  BBM has gone cross platform (Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS) for about a week now and million of Android devices are already pinging massively.

Whatsapp on the other hand have been around cross platform for a longer period and with a lot of users.
Alot of updates and refinement have been put into Whatsapp for Android and iPhone to give a very high user experience.

BBM on the other hand will just start the update which will include BBM Channels and Voice in the near future.
Now, for those that have both messaging apps on their devices, it won't be long before people start taking sides as to which of the two messaging apps they prefer.

Putting the question to you folks,  which do you think it's better considering that BBM is just 1 week old cross platform?

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  1. Oga Akin
    Pls whenever I send a pics from my BB bold 6 to any other phone via Bluetooth, it fails to open. what could be the cause and the remedy?

    1. If the quality (resolution and pixel) of the image is too high, some phones (blackberry included) won't open it, except by phones that can display high resolution images.

      Also, if the file wasn't completely sent or interrupted during sending, it could make the file unreadable.

      Finally, make sure that the image extensions ( that is jpg, bmp, jpeg, png) are supported by the receiving phone so that it can open it. If such extensions are supported by the phone by default, then either the image opening app is corrupted and needs to be replaces by downloading image apps or someone messed with the image reading app on the phone. If the files are with the wrong extension it may not open on the phone.

      I hope you understand all these

  2. They both have their places jare, watsapp is cool, but as of now bbm still has alot of cooler features...

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