All About Smartphones: BlackBerry Z50 smartphone

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BlackBerry Z50 smartphone

Whenever there is a new boss in a company it is always accompanied with a lot of changes and exciting announcements.

John S Chen is the new Interim boss of BlackBerry and that comes with new announcements and changes. One of them is the rumor of the company releasing a new BlackBerry 10 device soon. See BlackBerry Z30 specs, now imagine Z50...

This new device according to rumor is BlackBerry Z50 and would be having a 5.2 inch display (slightly bigger than Z30).

Also, the rumor is that it would be a Quad-Core device with excellent RAM and processor speed.

Further details would e needed to truly confirm this rumor, however, it is always exciting to hear of rumors of new smartphone to be released and our eyes are peeled to see this new Z50 smartphone if the rumors are true.

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