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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Download New Facebook Messenger Update: Its Cool

Facebook just released an update to their Messenger app which a totally new user interface (UI). 

With the outburst if IM apps and the recent addition of BBM going cross platform, most messaging apps are frantically working hard to enhance user experience so as to keep away from losing users. 

Whatsapp constant updates sees no end and Facebook is not ready to slow down either. 

The new Facebook Messenger is very cool, with flat blue app icon and new interface. One new thing is that now you don't need to be friends with anybody in Facebook before you can chat. Once they have your phone number, chat can begin.  Consequently, this new Facebook Messenger is hooked to your address book.

Also,  its now easier to figure out who's is online and who's not on this new Facebook Messenger. 

The updates is already available for both Android and iPhone so you can quickly head over to the individual app store to get your download. 

This is still the best Facebook Messenger design yet. 

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