All About Smartphones: How To Stop Google From Using Your Picture In Online Ads

Monday, November 4, 2013

How To Stop Google From Using Your Picture In Online Ads

Am sure by now, you may have received a little notification on your email stating that Google has changed its privacy agreements and I believe that not so many people bother reading the long list of information in the page.

However, a very interesting part is where Google says your image maybe used in adverts or endorsement as its called. This would only be used when you and or your friends like or downloaded a particular product then your picture could surface in an Adsense ads encouraging other of your friends to like or get the same thing you did. The good news is that you have a choice to either enable or disable this feature.

Google is a big advertising company with huge amount of data already mined from their products like email, Google+, YouTube etc and there is no limit to how these information would be used to grow their online advertising program.

If you wish to stop Google from using your picture in online ads, follow these simple steps below.

1. Go to your Google+ profile and then click on Home at the top-left corner of the page to display some menu.

 2. Click on Settings and then navigate to where you see Shared Endorsements. Click Edit.

3. Scroll down and uncheck the box beside "Based upon my activity..." phrase and click save.

4. Finally, click continue at the prompt and you would be successfully opted out of the program. No more using your picture as ads by Google.

Its quite easy to turn the feature off as you can see from the steps.

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