All About Smartphones: Tecno D7 versus Tecno M7 versus Tecno F7

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tecno D7 versus Tecno M7 versus Tecno F7

The amount of Tecno smartphone out there is staggering and its so easy to get lost on the functionality and superiority of these phones to one another.

We are looking at the similarities and differences between Tecno devices carrying the "7" at the back of  the alphabet in their smartphone names. Specifically, we are comparing Tecno D7 to M7 and to F7.

This comparison would help decide which of the devices a person to commit his or her cash to and why. 

Please consider the image below. It should be noted that the D7 is actually a mid-end device as compared to the Tecno F7 that is Tecno's high-end smartphone.

From the image above, it should be easy to know which one is the optimum for any buyer considering taste and budget size.

What are your thoughts on this devices? drop your comments below.

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  1. Phantom rules, if it meets your budget line

  2. Honestly, these guys are starting to irk me. They release too many flagships to soon. Some folks were at an early stage of enjoyment regarding the N7 when these guys rolled out F7, now there is F8 and the others. In as much as this might be a market strategy on their part, it is repulsive and annoying.

  3. Beginning to irk one is simply putting it mildly. To me, they just recase an older model with one or two tweaks and churn it out as new. I've stopped bothering myself with their ever confusing numbering; F7, N7, D7, N3, etc. Nonsense!

  4. I love tecno phones,im currently using Phantom A+ but d problem i hav wit Tecno is dat dey release phones too soon & as 4 me dat doesn't make pple value deir phones dat much since ders no much diff btw newly released phones & d older ones.infact i havn't finishd enjoyn my phantom A+ wen dey releasd A2.dey shd just try & giv a little gap btw d time dey release new phones

  5. You are wrong about the tecno m7 chk it well before you paste


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