All About Smartphones: Airtel Disables BIS For Non BlackBerry Phones

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Airtel Disables BIS For Non BlackBerry Phones

Airtel have decided that come 3rd of December 2013, Airtel BIS packages will stop functioning on non BlackBerry phones.

The original message from Airtel sent as a SMS reads thus:

Airtel: Dear Customer, effective 3rd Dec 2013  AIRTEL BB Plans will cease to function on non BB devices or used as a modem . Thank you. 

This means that if you have an Android phone, iPhone, iPad, Nokia phones, tablets and so on and you subscribe to the Airtel BIS plans to browse on these devices, your Internet won't be activated.

Also, we do not know if hotspot may be deactivated just like Etisalat did with their BIS package.

This is not a very encouraging or good news at all seeing how affordable the BIS plan have been for BlackBerry smartphone and how ripped off it has been for other non BlackBerry smartphones.

Only BlackBerry smartphone will work with the BIS packages. Not cool.

Please be wise and do not subscribe to this BIS packages on your non BlackBerry phone so as not to risk losing your cash.

If there's a work around to bypass this restrictions, we shall put it on this blog site.

However, on a mumu scale of 1 - 10 where do you place this decision by Airtel? Let's hear it. 

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  1. Its biz for Airtime. They make more money wen u subscribe to data plans than d regular BIS. Am sure u know that these Androis n iOS devices consume more data relative to BB.

  2. Does this affect BES Subscribers?

    1. Am not sure about that. The text was sent with no further explanation.


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