All About Smartphones: Android Device Manager Official App Ready For Download

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Android Device Manager Official App Ready For Download

Months back, Google pushed out minor updates that to most android phones giving them opportunity to track, remote wipe and locate their phones. 

To an extent, this was a step in the right direction to officially have an Android security tool from Google. 

Usually, to activate this security feature, one has to go into phone Settings/Security/Device Administrators which could be difficult to locate for some.

Now, Google have released Android Device Manager as an app dedicated to the task of locating, Wiping or Tracking a missing or stolen phone.

The app interface is just as sleek as the web interface. Its fast, responsive and clean. 

On launching the newly downloaded  Android Device Manager, you are presented with some text and then asked to accept. Upon Acceptance, it takes you straight to the app where you would see your device location at the top and menus to Lock, Ring and Erase your device.
Furthermore, if you have multiple Android devices, you can easily switch from one device to the other and it would equally do its job to locate it at that point in time.

Of course, its a well polished app from Google but still, an app on a phone won't be of any use if the phone is stolen. Therefore, the web portal to accessing your Android phone is still the best bet.

You can download Android Device Manager app from here

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