All About Smartphones: How To Clean Your Smartphone Screen The Right Way

Monday, December 16, 2013

How To Clean Your Smartphone Screen The Right Way

Our smartphones are like our skin these days, they go wherever we go and they also experience all the daily weather conditions we experience.

One of those weather conditions aside the sun, rain and snow we experience is the Dust and smartphones are not immune to it.

Its very easy for smartphone screen to gather dirt, dust and germs over times. If you wanna know how much the screen of a smartphone suffers, try locking at it with a microscope or remove the screen guard and compare it to a new one; you would be amazed at the difference in colour and neatness.

So, how do you clean and get rid of filth on a smartphone screen without damaging the screen?

First thing is to use a cloth to clean the screen. However, not anyhow clothing material can be used. Some cloths will not only create scratches on the screen but would also not do a fine job in cleaning the screen the way it should. This non-recommended materials include abrasive clothes such as tissue paper, paper towels, linen materials etc. They scratch the screen easily, Though you may not notice them but over time they become very vivid.

Consequently, the recommended kind of material is a microfibre cloth. These materials are specifically designed to clean sensitive screens. Examples are the clothing material that comes with screen protectors or even the ones that come with medicated glasses or you LCD TV.

They are usually cheap to buy and they get the job done more effectively than other kinds of materials.

There are times you need to apply a solvent to the cleaning material for a perfect clean which makes your screen shines. 

In this case, don't use any liquid or solvent as they can remove the top protective layer of the screen. Don't use solvents that contain acetone, alcohol or ammonia. They are not good for smartphone screens. Instead use a small amount of water or mix water and vinegar in a 50-50% ratio. 
Apply the liquid to the cloth and then clean the screen with it.

Finally, there is a way to apply the cleaning process to a screen that is better than any other way. Follow the steps below for a perfect cleaning process.  

1.Turn the device off and unplug it if it requires outlet power (like a computer monitor). 

2.Start by taking a dry microfiber cloth and wiping off the dust and any other loose objects. 

3. Next, take your microfiber cloth and damp it slightly using either water or the specialized cleaning solution. You don’t want too much that it’s dripping; just get it damp. Do not spray the solution directly on the screen. 

4. Use light, rapid circular motions on the screen. The circular motions will cut down on streaking, and pressing down too hard could break your device. 

5.Keep cleaning the screen until all smudges and imperfections are gone. 

6. Finish the job by taking the dry side of the microfiber cloth and wiping the screen dry if any solution is still present.

At the end, you get a shiny, clean smartphone screen, even the screen would be proud of you. At first, it might seem like much or time consuming but later, you would just wanna do it naturally.

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Source: gottaemobile

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