All About Smartphones: How To Fix Boot Loop on iPad 2 When Jailbreaking With Evasi0n7

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How To Fix Boot Loop on iPad 2 When Jailbreaking With Evasi0n7

iPad 2 owners trying to jailbreak their device on iOS 7 with the evasi0n 7 tool have been experiencing a boot loop issues. This have actually sent back-off warnings to some that hold the thought of wanting to jailbreak their iPad 2.

Fret not brothers, the solution to that problem is here and thanks to the evad3rs, its pretty easy to fix.

In other to fix this lingering boot loop problem, one just need to go over to the evasi0n website to download the new evasi0n 7 1.0.2 beta that was released not too long ago.

Although, success reports have been heard for those that have used the fix yet you should note that this is a better and may not work for since its still a work in progress.

The truth is that more update to the evasi0n tool would come until all the dust is settled. So if you are not too eager to jailbreak, you can wait till the evasi0n tool becomes totally complete, may be at version 1.2.

Download evasi0n from here 
Anyways, let us know if this worked for you by putting your comments in the comments section.

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