All About Smartphones: How To Use A PC Keyboard On Android Phone

Thursday, December 19, 2013

How To Use A PC Keyboard On Android Phone

I have often wondered if I could use a PC Bluetooth keyboard on my Android phone and Android tablet. I know you have though about it too and the simple answer is "Yes you can".

You can connect a Bluetooth keyboard, mouse or any Bluetooth enabled input device for that matter to your Android phone; and its a very simple task.

Most android devices will have the app called Wireless Input Device like the one showed on this Infinix Alpha X570 while some may not have such app. You would just need to connect using the usual Bluetooth pairing feature.

So, how do you connect a Bluetooth input device to your Android phone? Just follow the steps below.

1.  Go to Settings, click on Bluetooth and power it on

2. Click on 'Only visible to paired devices' so that both the new Bluetooth device and your Android device can see each other.

3. Now pair devices like you would normally pair a phone or Bluetooth earpiece.

4. Once its paired, it would appear in paired devices area of the Bluetooth section.

5. You can begin using the Bluetooth keyboard for entering input into any program or app that supports text input.

I think its cool to use the Android tablet in such manner especially if one wants to type a long note and doesn't wanna use the on-screen keyboard.

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image source: pcadvisor

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  1. pls, what is the make of this keyboard, how much does it cost & where can i get it.


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