All About Smartphones: iPhone 5 With Dual SIM Capabilities Revealed

Thursday, December 19, 2013

iPhone 5 With Dual SIM Capabilities Revealed

There are some phones that would never come in dual sim no matter what you do or think. An example of such smartphones is the Apple iPhones. Such phone capabilities are left to devices that come from Asia like Samsung, LG etc.

However, some group of people called the Digrit team have been able to make an iPhone 5 function with dual SIM capabilities. 

iPhone is a great piece of smartphone but for someone with a need for 2 SIMs it can be very expensive to having to buy two iPhone smartphones. Therefore, the invention came to mind.

The whole operation hinges on a beautifully well built iPhone case with the capability to accept up to 3 SIM cards. The case allows the iPhone to sit in comfortably while a part of the case is plugged into the original iPhone 5 SIM slot. Once this is done, you can then proceed to putting other SIMs in a slot at the back of the case.

Once the SIMs are inserted, the switch from one SIM to the other which takes roughly 45sec - 1min can be made from within the settings section of the phone and one is good to go.

Currently, this is only supported for iPhone 5 but maybe iPhone 5S and other versions may be supported if this pilot stage is a great success.

Digrit, a Taiwanese group of 3 people feel that there is something great in this product and needs a funding of not less than $40,000 to make this program a huge dream come true.

Although we don't see this making great success in the western part of the world, but trust Asia, they would love it. A video of one iPhone 5 in operation here

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