All About Smartphones: Nokia Android Phone Slated For January 2014

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nokia Android Phone Slated For January 2014

Nokia is secretly building an Android phone that would be released January 2014 as gotten from sources. The phone is codenamed Normandy and it would be a low-end Android budget phone.

The team involved are apparently in "full steam ahead" to  get the device out as early as possible.

The phone is expected to tackle the competition its Asha line of phones are having with other low-end budget Android phones according to some sources.

Since, the full acquisition of Nokia handset unit by Microsoft isn't complete yet, Nokia can quickly make the Android phone and see the reactions that would be generated by customers out there. 
Although, it is my opinion that this is something that Nokia should have done long time ago, we still think that Nokia has a better chance of growth if it had gone the Android way rather than going the Windows OS way. 

Either way, we would be glad to see a low-end budget Nokia Android phone come 2014 if Microsoft didn't take over the handset unit completely by then.

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Image source: Evleaks


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