All About Smartphones: Automatic Bra That Can Only Be Opened By True Love

Monday, January 27, 2014

Automatic Bra That Can Only Be Opened By True Love

Smartphone apps pop here and there all the time, some are terrible and some are good but some are very hilarious especially when you think of the concept and what it does.You would really laugh while reading this especially seeing the video of how it works here.

Usually bra is just bra, with hooks for the females to clip to safely strap the bra to protect and hide their chest. But, this bra is different, its an automatic bra that doesn't electronic hook.

The bra works by measuring the wearer’s heart rate, and sending the reading to an iPhone app. The app then determines the true-love quotient (100%) and – if it is reached – pops the clasp, freeing the breasts within. And of course, a raised heart rate is the perfect error-free metric for determining whether to unclasp a boulder holder.

Let’s imagine some other situations. Running a marathon? Don’t run too hard, or your support will be magically ejected. Running from a suspicious man in an underground car-park, then fumbling and dropping your keys as you try desperately to reach the safety of your car? What could be more reassuring in this potential assault situation than having your breasts released at the moment of maximum terror?

What if your words say NO and then your bra says Yes y popping open when a good looking guy approaches in a bar?
But let’s get back to the video. I love – and I mean truly love – the part where the men are trying to rip open the bra, but are foiled by the Bluetooth clasp, all while the wearer stands there, confident and with her heart rate remaining at a safe, non-true-love level.

The bra is, as you surely suspected, just a Valentines Day promo from underwear maker Ravijour. Not that I wouldn’t buy one if I could. After all, what modern woman could resist a man who gave her this gift? The gift of true love?

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source: cultofmac
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