All About Smartphones: CES 2014 Event In Las Vegas Expectations

Monday, January 6, 2014

CES 2014 Event In Las Vegas Expectations

CES international conference is a yearly conference that gives producers and manufacturers opportunity to show what that cool and laudable product that have produced, working on currently or futuristic product.

You will find the likes of Samsung, Nokia, Apple and other tech giants attending and showcasing their products trying to attract bragging rights regarding the kind of technology they have to offer their customers. The truth is, you never can tell what to expect, but whatever it is, its always big.

This year's event is taking place Las Vegas, Nevada, United States and the show starts January 7th - 10th 2014.

Among the speakers for the event are Brian Krzanich Chief Executive Officer of Intel, Rupert Stadler, Chairman board of management Audi A, Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm and Marrisa Mayer of Yahoo.

As usual, the event centre would be packed full and the place will be booming with all kinds of gadgets and innovating devices.

We at #Phonegist will try our best to bring to you news of the events as its going and we will also bring pictures of gadgets and smartphones that are noteworthy in this year's CES 2014 event.

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