All About Smartphones: Corning Unveils Anti-Bacteria Glass For Smartphones

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Corning Unveils Anti-Bacteria Glass For Smartphones

Corning , the American company behind corning gorilla glass supplied on most recent smartphones have announced its anti-bacteria, antimicrobial glass for smartphones in other to further shield users from the effects of bacteria infection through a smartphone. This is the world's first anti microbial glass for smartphones.

Its no news that we are surrounded by a multitude of bacteria, from the tip of our fingers to the palm of our hands. Bacteria is hovering everywhere and our smartphones are not spared, in fact the smartphone screen is home to many. Seeing how many times we get our phones close to our ears and skin, one can only imagine how many bacteria has gotten into our system.

At the CES 2014, Corning have unveiled its antimicrobial gorilla screen for the world to see. Its the first of its kind. The smartphone screen is a hiding place for bacteria, a pool where bacteria resides and gets the chance to come into our system. In other to stop this, Corning says that it has infused silver ion which is a bacteria repellant into its glass.

Corning says that this additional ingredient, ionic silver added to its strengthened glass can repel 99.9 percent of certain bacteria that likes to make smartphone screens their home however it takes up to 1hr for the active ingredient to swing into action.

While this is a welcomed development, do you think it would make much difference in our everyday life and would you wanna pay extra for this new development on a smartphone? What happens if you even put a screen protector on the screen? 

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