All About Smartphones: Google New Smart Contact Lens Unveiled

Friday, January 17, 2014

Google New Smart Contact Lens Unveiled

We are now in the age of wearable computers, we knew we were coming there since the development of Google Glass and smart watches but now wearable gadgets is going gaga.

Just recently, Google unveiled her plan to design a smart contact lens as if the project hasn't began already. The smart contact lens according to the diagram from Recode shows the actual lens with the very tiny chips inside it to allow for sensing of glucose and communication.

This smart contact looks of course like your regular contact lens but with a really tiny chip inside it. According to sources, the chip can apparently measure glucose levels in the tear, giving diabetics a better way to measure their blood glucose levels and Google also says that its working hard to embed a LED notification signal on it. Perhaps, connection to Google+ and easy hooking to Android OS will make it a more versatile device.

According to sources, Google is looking for partners in the medical line who are experts to help develop this project into something really big. Perhaps, this guy Barbak Paviz is among those in charge of the design seeing how well acquainted he is with the technology when he was working with Microsoft researchers. Anyways, this would help to make the use of the smart contact less more versatile than its already projected to be.

Also, discussions between Google and the FDA is on going to make sure that all the right healthcare parameters are in check before the project proceeds further.

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Image source: engadget

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