All About Smartphones: Intel Unveils A SD Card Sized Computer

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Intel Unveils A SD Card Sized Computer

CES 2014 so far as been exciting with all these technologies companies unveiling things that are very outstanding and cutting edge. Among all the things unveiled is one that caught the attention of everyone, the Intel Edison - a computer you can hold in the palm of your hand and no bigger than your finger. 

Intel Edison is a computer that is as small as a SD memory card. Yes,  you read it right; it's as small as a memory card but packs enough power inside it. 

The Intel Edison had a dual core Quark SoC processor running inside of it. Furthermore, the SD Card sized computer can support multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows and even Android. The device also has built in wireless capability among other features. 

According to Intel, the device will have a dedicated app store designed for the Edison and a special version of Wolfram inside the computer. 

What does this technology feat point to or benefit to consumers you might ask.

The immediate message exposed by Intel CEO is that wearable computers is growing steadily and they are ready to get on into the game with everything that Intel has to offer. Smart watch, wristband, smart ear buds; the list is inexhaustible. 

This is a computer that can be place into a monitor, a special reading glass and it will display everything inside the SD Card sized computer. 

There's no end to the things technology can offer humankind and this is just only the beginning and Linux seem to be the operating system that will be powering these cutting edge devices. 

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