All About Smartphones: More Pictures of Nokia Android Phone Surfaces

Friday, January 17, 2014

More Pictures of Nokia Android Phone Surfaces

Few days ago we brought to your remembrance the on going project for Nokia to release an Android based Nokia phone with entry level specs and pricing before its totally owned by Microsoft. The name of the Android Nokia phone is codenamed Normandy.

Until recently, no real visible look into the way the UI of the Android OS that would be bundled into the Nokia Android phone would look like. 

Thanks to the popular and ever persistent activities of @evleaks, we have a good look of what the Normandy will look like when complete before its officially unveiled on the 25th of February.

The device which lacks a little in specs looks like a Nokia 520 and feels like it too according to sources but what we really see here is the amalgamation of Android and Windows Phone OS design bundled to the already premium build phone. This version of Android is known as "Forked Android"

From the images, you would also see that BBM is installed on the device which means that the operating system can't be less than Android 4.0.

Also, the tiles changes accordingly just as you would expect from the usual Windows Phone OS format.

This is something that a  lot of folks would like to see and Microsoft which is already struggling with its own Windows Phone OS may have to compete with this.

The popularity of this device would be large seeing how well designed the OS is and how much people love to have a Nokia phone running on the Android platform.

As usual, we shall be here to bring you more information about this phone especially regarding specs and price tag when it officially gets unveiled at the Mobile World Congress come February 25th.

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image source: evleaks

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