All About Smartphones: Path Social Media App Debuts on Windows Phone

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Path Social Media App Debuts on Windows Phone

The number of social media platforms and apps are inexhaustible thy are so much you get confused on which one to really buy into. However, the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are easy to just buy into due to their popularity among other things.

Path may not be as popular as Facebook, Twitter etc yet its quite interesting to see quite a few people on the platform. Path which was launched in 2010 is a social media platform for sharing images and messages.

Path app which is already available for iOS and Android for quite some time now is now finally available for Windows Phone devices.

Just like the Path app for iOS and Android, the Windows Phone version maintains the charm, design and stability. The design fits well to the square form of the Windows Phone and everything just works as it should.

If you would like to get the app which is in its beta phase, follow the download link just below and you would be fine.

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