All About Smartphones: 5 Things To Expect From Samsung Galaxy S5

Friday, February 21, 2014

5 Things To Expect From Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Mobile is doing a good job with the "S" series line of smartphones. It is the product that have made Samsung Mobile what it is today. The standard that Samsung created with the S4 needs to be surpassed ever than before in the S5.

Based on all the info we have had the opportunity to gather so far, we can tell you the following specs and features that you should be expecting on the soon to be unveiled Samsung Galaxy S5 come 24th February 2014 at the Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona.

Body and Screen
As far as the rumors are, Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a metal body unlike its predecessors. This rumor may be true; however, what we do know is that there is a possibility for Samsung to release both metallic and plastic version of the S5. Samsung is generally known for releasing variants of t he same device so it won't be out of place to see the device released in both metallic and plastic form.

The S5 will be sleeker and lighter than the S4 according to sources. Samsung may attempt to trim or even eliminate the bezel so that the display looks sleek. It will have a 5.2inch  display with a 1440 x 2560 resolution; that's roughly 565PPI and will have a full 1080p HD video.

When it comes to specs, you know Samsung no dey carry last as we say it in pidgin English language. Samsung will ensure that the latest and greatest technology is built into its flagship device making it a powerhouse.

We expect the battery to be close to 2900mAh or even higher, a Qualcomm 800 or 805 Snapdragon processor with a 16 mega pixel camera with a powerful LED flash at the back. Also, storage won't be less than 32GB and with 64GB variants too.

RAM could be as high as 3GB and processor speed can be as high as 2.0GHz which would be higher than that of Samsung Galaxy S4 (1.6GHz).

Fingerprint Sensor
One new thing that would really stand out for the Samsung S5 is the inclusion of a fingerprint sensor for both security and functionality. Of course Samsung has been working on biometrics for a while but never used it on any of its smartphones until now.

According to Samsung focused blog SamMobile, the fingerprint sensor will be embedded  into the home button just like the iPhone 5S and will require a swipe of some sort to get the full fingerprint. Also, Samsung may have a private mode that is activated by the fingerprint sensor with a personal folder for documents. Apps can be launched using the fingerprint sensor by assigning different fingers to launch a particular app etc.

User Interface and Features
TouchWiz is the user interface that Samsung uses on its devices. However, we are learning that Samsung S5 will have more flat icons than it usually have on its devices: not as flat as that of Windows Phone though but the Samsung icons will see the bulkiness reduced. Features like Smart scroll, air view, smart pause etc will be available on the S5 and many other new features.

One core area that Samsung uses to gain so much customers and profits is in the area of Price. Where Apple and HTC release their phones with huge prices, Samsung always look for a better way to reduce the price of its devices. One way Samsung does that is to released various variants of its flagship phone with different prices. Also, the plastic S5 will be cheaper than the metallic S5.

Because, people are already used to a plastic Samsung Galaxy phone, it won't be an issue for Samsung to sell the plastic version of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be a great smartphone and we look forward to the unveiling in the next few days at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. That being said, until the phone is released, we won't know everything there is to expect: so we are prepared for Samsung to surprise us.

As usual, the Samsung Unpacked Event 5 can be streamed live through YouTube from the Samsung channel and we shall also be here to give you the info of the event for those that won't be chanced to catch the event live.

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