All About Smartphones: Download JellyLock To Give Your iPhone a New Lockscreen Experience

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Download JellyLock To Give Your iPhone a New Lockscreen Experience

One of the huge benefits a jailbroken iPhone enjoy is the ability to tweak, modify and enhance the interface of the iPhone. 

There are so many Lockscreen app but JellyLock7 comes out as a very good one. 

If you had always wanted a Lockscreen that is different from the default lock screen of the iPhone then i think what you need is the Jellylock7 tweak. 

JellyLock7 gives you a taste of the Android kind of lock screen where by you choose what app opens when you unlock the phone. 

That means, you can set it that when you unlock youriPhone, the camera app should launch or you might choose Facebook or even Twitter to open when you unlock your iPhone. 

This tweak I sight weight, free of charge and very useful especially if you have certain apps you use a lot and you want to always open them immediately you unlock your iPhone. 

To download, go to Cydia, search for JellyLock7 and then install to your device. Respring your device.

In other to customize the apps you want to be available to you when you are about to unlock your device, go to Settings, scroll down and then you would see JellyLock7.

Click on JellyLock7 and you can them select how many apps you want displayed on Lockscreen 

Finally, click on the number of apps and the kinds of apps you want to see.

It's pretty easy and you should be able to figure out how to fully customize your lock screen to your taste and satisfaction.

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