All About Smartphones: Finally, Samsung Galaxy S5 Spec Sheet Released

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Finally, Samsung Galaxy S5 Spec Sheet Released

Usually, when a new high-end smartphone is about to be released, leaked images of the phone will rapidly pop up. Also, spec and feature sheet is bound to be leaked days to the launch of the product.

In the case of Samsung next S series smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5, the same situation applies: just few days ago, a Chinese website leaked benchmark of the two variant of the S5 that will be released.

Today, another leaked image of the spec sheet of the Samsung galaxy s5 was unveiled. This leaked image looks more genuine and points to the fact that Samsung S5 will indeed have a 5.25inch display just as seen in the image below.


Like always, you cannot say for sure what the specs of any smartphone is until its unveiled. Samsung will be unveiling the Samsung S5 at the Samsung Unpacked at the MWC (Mobile World Congress) due to begin 24th February; but, before then, its safe enough to say that you should expect the following specifications if the rumors and the leaked images are to be taken with a bit authenticity.

A 20mp back AF camera and a 2mp front camera for video calls. As usual,you would be able to use dual camera mode just like the S4. It will also have a full HD (1080p) playback and recording feature.The device will feature a 5.25inch variant of  the S5 with a super AMOLED display for sharp and colourful images.

RAM is expected to be 3GB LPDDR3 RAM coupled with Android KitKat 4.4.2 and 2.56Ghz quad core processor as suggested by various leaked spec sheet. Battery will stand at 3,000mAh. Instead of  the rumoured iris scanner; there would be a finger print scanner in other to do battle with Apple's fingerprint sensor incorporated in the iPhone 5S.

Whether the Samsung S5 will be in 2 variants as suggested by various sources will be seen at the unveiling of the Samsung S5 come Feb. 24th at the Samsung Unpacked Event which is also when the MWC event is taking place.

As usual, we will give you the true and official specifications and features when the veil is lifted off the Samsung galaxy S5 at the set date and time - so stay tuned to this blog site.

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